TEENS (AGES 12-14)

The TEENS are supervised by Mathias & Naomi Helfenstein and Ysaline Saner.

If you have any questions, you can write to helfenstein@c3lausanne.ch.

One Saturday night per month

A great opportunity to get together for evenings that build their relationships! 

Next evening (6pm-9pm):
- 8th June

A programme every Sunday morning:

4 formats:
Testimony Sundays, to hear life stories from people in the church or from elsewhere.
Worship Sundays, which they will have together with the GIGAS, with a live worship team and a message specially tailored to them.
Connect with God Sundays, to deepen their knowledge of Him and relationship with Him.
Games Sundays, with fun games to help them develop their values and thought processes.

The TEENS meet at P8, the building adjacent to Beaulieu (access from the courtyard). They do not need to go through the kids check-in and they can make the journey by themselves, unless you wish to pick them up at P8 (we let you decide with them).

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