The MINI group is supervised by Méryl Piemontesi and Fanny Röthlisberger.

These little ones are at the age of discovery. There are many toys are available to them: cars, building blocks, dolls, ball games, colouring ... But it is also the age when they start to understand and to learn. The MINI have a program inspired by Minicell', a super program of awakening to faith all in songs, gestures, instruments and visual aids.

The MINI are at an age where it is not always easy to leave their mum or dad behind, and we are sensitive to these difficulties. It is always possible for you to help them with the transition, to stay for a while or even to follow the whole programme to start with. When you leave, we take care of them and stay in touch with you. You will be called, if necessary, via your child's number being displayed on-screen. 

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