C3 Teens
ages 10-13

Every Sunday, the teenagers (ages 10-13) from the church also have their own programme. The meeting place is in the foyer at 9.45am, you will see the VIP Teens sign!  After joining in with the adults for the worship (in a group at the front of the congregation), the whole team meets for a programme especially designed for teens. There are games, creative activities, testimonies and sharing on subjects which are suitable for this age group! 

C3 Teens is a place where each teenager will be welcomed and be able to make friends and to discover God in an increasingly personal and tangible way.

Leaders: David & Muriel, Manon, and a wonderful team of volunteers! 
If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Natacha, the C3 Kids coordinator, via email by clicking here.

You can download the C3 Teens app here to stay connected and have access to a lot of great content for you!

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