A place of connection between heaven and earth.
Every Sunday - 10am 
Fondation de Beaulieu
Halle 35 (from 16 February: Rome auditorium)
Av. Des Bergières 10, Lausanne

In the morning, a special programme is offered for children between the ages of 0 to 14.
The coffee bar is open from 09:30 every Sunday and after the service.
Parking: in Beaulieu. Direct access to Halle 35 if you park on level -3. Tickets are on sale at the Info Stand after the service for CHF 4.50

If you would like to visit us, here is a short video to give an idea of what you will find at C3 Lausanne:
download the video

Watch the message of January 19:
C3 Lausanne

Church office
Ch. du Pré-de-la-Tour 7
1009 Pully

Service - sunday 10.00am
Beaulieu, Halle 35
Av. des Bergières 10, Lausanne