The church is like their second home. After their training at a Bible school in Dallas (USA), Thierry and Marianne Moehr joined the pastoral team of C3 Lausanne in 1997. Nine years later, they became the main pastors of the church. Their vision has not changed: building a living church where love for God and for one another is palpable. As they often say, building the church is building people. Their desire is to see the church make a difference in Lausanne and that people would connect to God, to their destiny and to other people.
Thierry and Marianne wholly live their pastoral role as a couple. They got married at the age of 21 and have three children, Pauline (1998), Bruno (2001) and Anna (2002). The Moehr family demonstrates that the church is a place for all generations where everyone can find their place.

Thierry and Marianne are working with an amazing team of about 30 leaders and more than 400 volunteers. 
C3 Lausanne

Church office
Ch. du Pré-de-la-Tour 7
1009 Pully

Service - sunday 10.00am
Beaulieu, Halle 35
Av. des Bergières 10, Lausanne