C3 Lausanne believes in women, they have a valuable role in the world and in the life of our church. Therefore, womanconnect is a ministry to inspire and encourage women to live a great life and influence our families, friends, neighbours, etc. 

Every year womanconnect organises two or three events with a testimony. This is the perfect place to invite your friends and a great opportunity to spend quality time together.

Next event (registrations open in the coming months)
Breakfast on 16 November, 9.15-11.30am
Hotel Mövenpick, Lausanne
WIth Marianne Moehr and testimonies

Price: CHF 30.- (payment has to be made before Monday 11.11. Otherwise your registration is not valid)
PostFinance, Nordring 8
3030 Bern, Switzerland
Compte CCP: 10-69753-1
IBAN: CH95 0900 0000 1006 9753 1
Bénéficiaire: C3 Lausanne, CP 464, 1009 Pully
Communication: Womanconnect

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