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One Eighty - C3 youth

Image : One Eighty - C3 youth
C3 Church youth group for young adults from 14 to 18 years old.

Youth group evenings take place every other Friday, Pre Party at 7:30 pm in the ONEEIGHTY CAVE, chemin des Anciens-Moulins 2A, in the basement. Enter from the back side of the building on the left. Bus 9 direction Lutry-Corniche, Moulins bus stop – cross the road and go down toward the river.

//\\ We believe that Jesus died so that you can have a relationship with God //\\
ONEEIGHTY is a community of young people who are passionate for God, having found hope, a deep and lasting joy, forgiveness and a bright future in a relationship with Jesus Christ. We believe that the best life we can live is found in Jesus Christ and that no matter what the circumstances, the peace and happiness we find in God allows us to live a fulfilled life, to overcome obstacles or any situation we might face. Our generation has been called to shine with assurance and that’s what we want to do.
//\\ Fill the world with the light of God //\\
We want every young man and woman to recognize their POTENTIAL, their TALENT and their amazing opportunity to shine for Jesus.

ONEEIGHTY is THE place where you can experience the presence of God, have a great time, be encouraged and bring your friends.

Peace & Rock and Roll!

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