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Life is precious, live it well

Image : Life is precious, live it well

The best things in life do not just happen.
C3 Life Training is designed to help you make the most of your life. These trainings will inspire and challenge you to live a better life - with others and with God.

All trainings except 'The Basics 1 - Christian Essentials' are in French only.
Here is a glimpse at what we offer (registration at the bottom of the page):

The Basics 1
This course is designed to enlarge the life of new believers or anyone who wants to discover or go over the fundamental truths of the Christian Faith. There are two versions of this course:

- In French (Saisir les Bases de la Foi): Jean-Michel and Jocelyne Vittoz have been teaching this course with passion for many years with the same success. You learn how to study the Bible, find out who you are in Christ, your authority, the role of the Holy Spirit, the meaning of "spirit, soul and body", which is so important in a believer's life, and much more.
A session in French has started on 23rd September 2015. It lasts for 8 weeks (on Wednesday evenings at 8pm at the church office).

- In English (Christian Essentials): Helen Crausaz is teaching this course. The topics covered (God, Sin, Jesus, Holy Spirit, Church life, Bible and Prayer) will lay a strong foundation for your walk with God.
A session in English has started on 1st September 2015. It lasts for seven weeks (on Tuesdays evenings, 8pm at the church office).

The Basics 2 - you can do this one even if you have not done Basics 1
In The Basics 1, you lay a solid theological foundation, and The Basics 2 will equip you to live your every day life as a Christian. During the six weeks of this course, we will talk about prayer, the Bible, learning to hear God's voice, living a sanctified life, how to manage our finances and the importance of the Church.

The next course (in French) starts in autumn 2015 and will last for six weeks (on Monday evenings at 8pm). It will take place at the Church office (Anciens-Moulins 2A, Pully).

Continuing education
We regularly offer seminars that last 4 evenings and Saturday morning trainings with guest speakers. Some seminars will be on vers practical topics and some will be more directed towards Bible study. In any case, these courses will help you in your walk with God.

If you have a question or if you don't see the form below, you can contact us by email.
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