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Marriage preparation

Image : Marriage preparation
Marriage is one of the greatest adventures in life. When you take time to get ready for it, you prepare the ground for a successful start. C3 Lausanne organizes twice a year (Spring and Fall) a preparation to marriage for couples who have a wedding date planned in the near future. Our pastors Thierry and Marianne are giving that course, which covers the following topics:

1. The importance of the couple
2. Roles in the couple
3. Solving conflicts
4. Passion for life

The course is in a group format. It is concrete, realistic, useful and fun. A personal meeting will also be planned to prepare the wedding ceremony.

The ned session will take place in spring 2016. If you are interested, if you need more info or if you would like to sign up, please send us an email.

NB: This course is for C3 members only.