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Building the future

«Building the future» is our program to prepare ourselves spiritually and financially to acquire a building for the church. This venue will not only meet our own needs but it will also (and especially) meet the needs of people around us, who are not yet connected to God. The building will never be the church’s vision, but it is a necessary tool to accomplish it.

About 330’000 people live in the Lausanne area, and these are all men and women for whom God gave everything in order to restore the relationship with them.
Jesus is the hope of Lausanne and the Church is God’s instrument to spread that good news.

So, let there be light in our city and may it shine through all of us.

Let's invest in the future today!

Bank details
Banque Cantonale Vaudoise, 1001 Lausanne (CCP 10-725-4)
Clearing: 767
Account number: K 0909.87.33
IBAN: CH97 0076 7000 K090 9873 3
Swift code: BCVLCH2LXXX
 For: C3 Lausanne, CP 464, 1009 Pully

Amount (in swiss francs):

Refunds may be given at the discretion of the management.