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"Beyond" is the name we have given to our mission program.

The last words of Jesus are calling us to influence our world, to see beyond our own boundaries and to have God's heart for the nations.
"Go into all the world and make disciples...".

C3 Lausanne is serious about that mandate. Even if we can't all go, we can all be involved by supporting various projects. If you want to know more about these projects, you can see the details on this page.

Bank details - please mention 'Beyond':
PostFinance, Nordring 8
3030 Bern, Switzerland
CCP account: 10-55765-4
IBAN: CH79 0900 0000 1005 5765 4
For: C3 Lausanne, CP 464, 1009 Pully

Amount (in swiss francs):

Refunds may be given at the discretion of the management.