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Alpha Course

Image : Alpha Course
Alpha is a non-pressurised, fun and informative course. It is a place to share your thoughts and explore the meaning of life. The course is designed primarily for people who don't go to church or who haven't been to church in a long time and are interested in the Christian faith.

The Alpha Course spread during the 1990s, initially in the UK and then internationally, as more and more churches and groups found it a helpful and informal way to discuss questions about the Christian faith.

There are now over 55,000 courses worldwide in 166 countries. To this day, 700 churches in Switzerland have organized an Alpha Course and more than 22 million people have attended an Alpha course.

Each of the seven evenings starts with a delicious meal, followed by an intriguing talk (Who is Jesus? Why did he died? How can I be sure of my faith? etc.) and finish with small group discussion.

Our Alpha course will start on Monday, April 20.
Dinner at 7pm

Maison de Paroisse et des Jeunes
Place du Temple 3, 1095 Lutry

The course will be given in English and French.

Registration: alpha@c3lausanne.com

For more info on the Alpha course: click here