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Thierry & Marianne Moehr

Image : Thierry & Marianne Moehr

The church is a bit like their second home. After their training in Bible school in Dallas, Texas (USA), Thierry and Marianne joined the C3 pastoral team in 1997. Nine years later they became the senior pastors. Their vision has not changed: to build a church that is alive and where their love for God and for others can be felt. They often say that building the church is building people. It’s their desire to see the church make a difference in Lausanne, that people would be connected to God and to others.

Thierry and Marianne live out their role as pastors in their home. They have been married for 21 years and have three children: Pauline (1998), Bruno (2001) and Anna (2002). The Moehr family is an example of how the church is a place for all generations and where there is a place for everyone.

What you should know about Thierry: He’s an excellent communicator whose desire is to give us an inspired and inspiring message every Sunday, messages that will make a difference in your everyday life. What you might not know about him is that he loves spaghetti carbonara, Nespresso coffee and especially anything that starts with ‘I’... pad/pod/phone/mac.

What you should know about Marianne: She loves people and always has a listening ear and an encouraging word for them. What you might not know is that she loves handbags, shoes and her dog, Roxy.

So now that you know Thierry and Marianne (well almost), they would love to meet you on Sunday at Beaulieu (10am)!