Church offices - AM2A
Ch. des Anciens-Moulins 2A
1009 Pully
Offices: 4th floor
Large room (youth group, training sessions, prayer meetings, music practice): basement (-2), entrance on the other side of the building, go down the steps by the garage entrance.
Services - every Sunday at 10am & 5pm
MCH Beaulieu, Rome room (3rd floor)
Av. des Bergières 10, Lausanne
Postal address
Case postale 464
1009 Pully
Phone & email
+41 (0)21 729 94 54
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Prayer requests
If you have a prayer request, fill in the contact form and select “prayer request”. Our team will pray for you specifically every week.

If you are struggling with certain issues in your life (like low self esteem, feelings of guilt, rejection, sadness, etc.) for which you feel you need help, you might want to meet a counselor from C3. You can fill in the contact form and select "counseling" and our team will then contact you.

C3 Lausanne

Church office - AM2A
Chemin des Anciens-Moulins 2A
1009 Pully

Services - sunday 10.00am & 5.00pm
MCH Beaulieu, salle Rome (3rd floor)
Av. des Bergières 10, Lausanne